The Benefits of Combining a Vibration Machine with Weight Training

Depending on your initial goals, almost all fitness programs should involve some form of weight training. This is because weight training is a great way to burn calories, become stronger and lose more body fat. It doesn’t mean that you have to grow large muscles in the process, that’s often just a nice side effect. But many people ask us whether they can use a vibration machine as part of their overall fitness regime.

The answer we always give is yes.

Because to increase muscle, you need to constantly keep increasing the weight you are using and pushing your body harder. If you don’t increase the weight, you won’t build more muscle BUT you will burn calories and become stronger. That is why weight training should always be a part of every fitness program.

vibration machineCardio exercises are obviously important as they will burn calories and keep the body healthy but weight training will make you stronger, give you increased flexibility, improve your balance and lots more. A vibration machine is a great way to add extra intensity into your exercises. You can do squats, push ups and other exercises on the machine to work your body harder.

So what is the ideal way to combine a fitness program with weight training?

Well this is quite simple; just add both into your weekly training schedule. You can alternate the days on which you do each exercise routine as this gives the body time to rest in between. So, on a Monday you can do cardio exercises on a whole body vibration machine (click here for examples), Tuesday can be weight training, Wednesday more cardio exercises and so on.

By combining both into your weekly training sessions, it is giving your body a better and more balanced workout. You will be targeting more muscle groups, which means you’ll be burning a lot more calories. Burning more calories means losing more fat and this is the goal of most people on a fitness program.

So overall you will become a stronger, fitter and leaner person when you combine a fitness program with weight training. You don’t have to grow big muscles with weight training, just use lighter weights and do more reps. This will give the muscles a good workout without pushing them to the excess where growth takes place.

Essential Skin Care Tips for Everyone

Are you interested in having great looking skin that is free from blemishes and has a natural glow to it? If so, then there are several simple things that you can do to help maintain it no matter what your age or skin type. These tips should help you if you follow them all on a regular basis.

Drink Enough Water

You need to be sure that you drink enough good water to keep your system flushed out and to ensure that nutrients are properly delivered. The amount right for you will depend upon your weight, activity levels, the climate where you live and the foods you consume. Attach a filter to your tap rather than purchasing wasteful plastic bottles all of the time.

Take Supplements

Take a vitamin E supplement each day because this will help to keep your skin supple and smooth. Not only is this an antioxidant and a necessary vitamin, the skin benefits are fantastic.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Make sure that you get plenty of good sleep each night. Creating a routine before bed that helps your mind and body to wind down is helpful. Cleanse your face and teeth during this time and consider listening to soft music and reducing the lighting to help you wind down.


Change your pillowcase frequently! If you are going to get a good night of rest that is beneficial to your skin, you cannot have your face lying in old sweat, skin cells and drool stains. While it is important to change your bedsheets at least once per week, consider switching out the pillowcases a bit more frequently to ensure your face has a clean resting spot each night.

Hydrate Yourself

Learn how to make your own fresh juice and drink plenty of it. The canned and bottled juices that you can buy at the store have had all of the life essence destroyed. Carbonated drinks and coffee are bad for your health and your skin. Drinking a glass or two of freshly juiced fruits and vegetables each day will provide you with a delicious beverage that provides lots of the vitamins and minerals your skin needs to look great.

Take Care of Your Skin

Make sure that you exfoliate your skin on a regular basis. Otherwise, you can end up with clogged pores and a general grayish appearance. Choose the product for exfoliating according to your skin type and age. Pay attention to the results and update as needed to maintain a glowing complexion.

face moisturizer

Take up the habit of dry brushing. Each morning, use an all natural bristle brush to awaken your limbs. You will increase the circulation to your skin and get the lymph fluids flowing. This feels great and is a fantastic way to begin each day.

Cover Up Blemishes

If you feel embarrassed about any blemishes or veins on your skin, them you can use special creams to help to cover them up. This will give you more confidence and you’ll enjoy life more each and every day. For example, you can use venorex cream for spider veins whether they are on your face or legs. Or a simple Vitamin C serum to make your skin healthy and shiny. See for more information about covering up veins.

You can easily incorporate all of these ideas into your daily routine and they will benefit you in multiple ways. Not only will your skin look better, you will feel healthier and more refreshed in every aspect of your life, allowing you to live and enjoy everything more freely.

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